Booking Open for 2021

Bookings are now open for Lake School Online 2021. Lake School Online adapts the live program of recent years. We hope you enjoy. Please note places will be quite limited, daytime instrumental are limited to 10 a class, and students who have been used to booking into multiple classes unfortunately won’t initially have that option. If we have some space later, as we get closer to January, we may open up further enrolments so students can in enrol in more classes.

DISCLAIMER Please note – due to the potential to quarantine restrictions changing at short notice. We may have to alter part or all of this program.Enrolled students whose classes are cancelled or moved to an inconvenient time will be fully refunded on request.

We are hoping to run a Lake School Live Weekend in Koroit on March 5-8th when we can come together and play the tunes we have learnt online. An announcement about this separately produced event will be made later, when we feel it will be possible and worthwhile to stage a live event.

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We thank you for your support and patience during these difficult times