OAM for Felix

Felix Meagher OAM Recipient Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020
Felix Meagher O.A.M In support of the many carers and sharers in the Australian community – volunteers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers and parents, to mention some, I accept this award.

While I see that the response to the climate crisis is still in front of us, to my mind the response of ordinary Australians to the bushfires and the pandemic has been outstanding, and the reaction of young Australians to Black Lives Matter has been inspirational. I see Australia as having a lot to recommend it as a great place to live, with an amazing and giving spirit. To be nominated by fellow Australians for an award like this is clearly something of value, and I appreciate it.

From the example set by mentors Tim Whelan Snr, Ronald Stevenson, Billy Moran, Fay McAlinden and Jamie McKew, among others, I came to see that music is far more than notes on a page. They helped me believe and understand that music is about people, tradition, good times with friends, occupation well spent and freedom of spirit.
I would like to thank my fellow travellers and collaborators in the music industry, and in particular those who have served on the Lake School committee since 2000.

I would like especially to thank my wife, Christine (Tina Sparkle), and our children for whom the Lake School was created, and our extended family and friends who have given us so much support.
I look forward to seeing you all at The Lake School in Koroit in January and “having the craic.”