When the Lake School started, in the year 2000, about fifty people were involved in organising, teaching and attending the event. In the years that followed an ethos was created where people came to learn, listen and get involved in the creative development not only of themselves and their families, but a community of like-minded people who soon became good friends and acquaintances. While the event grew substantially, the organisation of the event kept things to a minimum, almost like an “open house” party. In preparing for the 2011 event, we found ourselves having outgrown these “days of carefree innocence” and needing to administer the event more carefully and more thoroughly. While we recognise that we need to grow the administration of our event, we know that there are things we will miss about our earlier and younger days. The following code of conduct recognises that the event has grown to the point where we, as organisers, are probably unable to speak directly and at length with everyone about the conduct we expect and the culture we are attempting to grow. The Code of Conduct is divided into two parts: Lake School specific, and Legal and Courtesy requirements. 


Lake School Etiquette 

  1. One of the primary aims of the Lake School is to encourage people to extend their skills and their participation in the arts of song, music and dance and Celtic culture in general. Specifically in concerts, céilidhes, classes, workshops and sessions this means giving people a turn and a fair go regardless of their ability, their instrument, their medium, their gender, their age, their race or their style. 
  2. Every Lake School event will have a leader— a tutor, event manager or session leader— whose job it is to see that the event runs smoothly, and that within reason everyone gets a turn or a go and that those participating are listening and supporting those who are singing, playing, speaking, dancing or performing. Those participating must give the leader the respect to be able to carry out this role. 
  3. During a class or workshop a comment from a student may occasionally be helpful, but repetitive or disruptive comments are not welcomed, and the tutor may ask such students to refrain from their comments or to leave. 
  4. Students who are unhappy with some aspect of session etiquette or class teaching are encouraged to take up their query with the session leader or the program director at an appropriate time as soon as possible after the class, session or workshop. 
  5. Seating at a session should be arranged to encourage people to get involved and may be re-arranged at the discretion of the session leader. It is understood that the Session Leader will run the session and organise the seating to give everyone a fair go. 
  6. The sale of CDs and similar items at events should be organised with the Program Director or the relevant Event Manager at an appropriate time before an event has begun. Students and artists are requested not to advertise CD sales during an event. A designated point of sale may be organised and people wishing to sell their CDs may do so there. 
  7. Where a venue, e.g., a hotel, has a closing time, Lake School participants are asked to observe the closing time, and leave the venue quickly and quietly when requested to by the venue management. 
  8. Recording or photographing Lake School events needs to have the permission of all participants. Some Lake School events will be designated as events that will be recorded, and such events will be advised in the program. Informal recording or photographing may take place at the discretion of the session leader. People wishing to make informal personal recordings or photographs should advise the session leader of their intention to do so. People who don’t wish to be recorded or photographed should advise the session leader or Program Director at an appropriate and reasonable time.


Courtesy and Legal Requirements 

Lake School participants are naturally asked to follow general courtesy considerations and the laws of the land. The following are the examples of behaviour which are considered unacceptable: 

  • Use of power, strength or authority to intimidate others 
  • Abusive language — including racist or sexist language or behaviour 
  • Anti-social behaviour resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol 
  • Fighting and violent behaviour 
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards anyone 
  • Deliberate damage to or theft of property 



If a participant at the Lake School transgresses this Code of Conduct they may be cautioned or asked to leave a class, concert or session or the overall event itself. The decision as to whether a person be asked to leave a class will be at the discretion of the session leader. The decision as to whether a person be asked to leave the event will be at the discretion of the Lake School Committee, or where that is impracticable at the discretion of at least two of the following: Program Director, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman or the Treasurer.



The safety of children is of particular focus for the Lake School. We wish to reassure parents and guardians that all Lake School Faculty led programs for children (Kids) and youth are fully supervised by adults during the program times. All tutors and volunteers at the Lake School have current Working with Children Check registration. Each year this registration is confirmed prior to the commencement of Lake School.

Kids Program, Youth Program, Art Shed Children under 18 can be dropped off and signed in and out of the Kids Program, Youth Program and Art Shed. 

Children over 12 will be permitted to come and go from Youth Program and Art Shed with the express and written consent of their parent/guardian. A permission form will be available at the first school meeting on January 2, 2020 at 1pm in the Koroit Theatre or from the tutors, Ray Argall and Lucinda Clutterbuck.


Children’s Lessons All children under 18 wishing to attend a class at the Lake School must be under the supervision of a parent or nominated adult. Please let the tutor know at the start of the week who will be the supervising adult and when there are changes. 



Generally at Lake School Summer School

All students are requested to attend the Meeting of the Lake School Community at 1pm January 2 in the Koroit Theatre to be briefed on the program and OHS and safety issues. Each venue will have a meeting point in case of an emergency, which will be nominated by your tutor or Event Manager. 

In case of a general emergency the Lake School meeting point will be the Koroit Gardens, which is located In High Street (near Koroit & Tower Hill Caravan Park; Number 12 on the map on page 4 of the printable timetable).

 A First Aid Kit will be kept at the Koroit and District Primary School (KDPS), with the Kids Program, (Number 8 on the map). A defibrillator can be found in the reception of the Moyne Health Services, Koroit, 33 Mill Street, Koroit—referred to in our program as the Koroit Hospital. Event Managers and volunteers will be around to help in case of any emergency. 


Important phone numbers: 

  • For all emergencies including fire and ambulance: 000  
  • Koroit Police Station: 03-5565-8202  
  • Hospital: Warrnambool Base Hospital, Ryot St., Warrnambool 03-5563-1666  
  • Doctors: Jamieson Street Medical Clinic, Warrnambool 03-5562-6533; Warrnambool Medical Clinic 03-5562-2766  
  • Chaplain: David O’Brien 0412-484-617  
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14 


Infection Control

A subcommittee of the Lake School committee is currently developing infection control policies in line with current directives from the Department of Health and Human Services and Worksafe Victoria for entertainment industries. Once these policies are complete they will be posted here for reference. 

COVID-Safe-Plan Lake School Long Weekend 20210305


Recordings are occasionally made of Lake School music sessions and a collection of Lake School recordings are kept in the Koroit Historical Society. All recordings are made for archive and research purposes only. If you do not want a recording made of your playing or a photo taken of you please let your tutor, the relevant Event Manager, or the Program Director know. 


A group school photo is taken for general publicity purposes. All students, tutors, volunteers and friends and family are welcome to be part of the photo. Each year the school photo is taken (weather permitting) in front of the Koroit Historical Society on Jan 6 at 1.45pm following the Parade. Please note that the school photo will most likely be used for general publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be part of that publicity in the future please do not participate in the school photo, and inform Felix Meagher, Program Director. 


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